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Just set your default search engine to your favorite organization and any revenue generated will benefit them.

Top Of Mind

Your search page is designed to have your favorite organization's look and feel, so you know you're doing good with every query.

Simplicity For Everyone

Donors simply use our search engine to search, and organizations get a turnkey solution to raise money on autopilot.

How it works

Update Your Search Settings

Our team creates a co-branded search page built with your organization's logo and you just set it as your primary search engine.

Search Like Normal

We seek to provide a seamless experience, so all you have to do is go about your life, knowing that you just might be trickling some donations to a good cause.

Build Passive Donations

As you use your search page, you accrue small drips of donations. With enough people that can add up to an ocean of funding!

Try Out A Live Demo

Take a test drive on a live demo of our search pages.

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About us

TrickleTo is the creation of philanthropists, programmers, marketers, and friends. We are on a mission to create good in the world with as little effort as possible. Based in New York City, TrickleTo believes that all donors and all nonprofits are equally capable of working together toward making the world a better place.