Brand the Browser

Create uniquely engaging experiences for your audiences within their Chrome browser

Generate incremental revenue with unobtrusive ads

Engage users in new ways

Up-to-the-minute news feed on every new browser tab

Unlimited custom backgrounds

Branded to fit your needs and goals

Unobtrusive revenue generation

Ad units elegantly blend with the design

Sponsored shortcuts from premium advertisers

Powerful ad placements

Display highly-impactful yet unobtrusive ads in the Chrome Omnibox

High-intent, high-yield ads provide new streams of revenue

Custom search engine

Branded search results page powered by Bing and Yahoo ads

Users can easily switch back to their preferred provider

Endless customizations

Choose features such as branded search engine, new tab backgrounds, news feeds, social feeds, and more

Rapid deployment

Your custom branded Chrome extension can go from idea to production in a matter of days

Go-to-market support

Utilize marketing materials such as landing pages, email templates, and website widgets.

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